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Since the introduction of the Auto Flowering strains, we where eager to merge some alltime bestsellers with some finest ruderalis strains. ┬áOne of the best matches is the AutoBlueberry. The extraordinary charistics┬á┬áof Dutch Passion’s Blueberry are known all over the world. ┬áThe AutoBlueberry combined this exclusivity, with the luxury of AutoFem. Automatic Feminized varieties have several advantages above varieties that are light cycle dependent:

Dutch Passion’s AutoBlueberry, as most Autofem varieties, is ready for harvest in about 10 weeks. Ideal to grow as well indoors and outdoors. Especially when you grow outdoors, you have the advantage that it will only appear for a short period. It’s a real sneaky strain that hides itself very easy for the eye of unwanted visitors. Because it only needs 10 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, it’s possible to harvest outdoors two or thee times per season, depending on your position on the globe. In Northern regions, it is very handy that you now can grow Blueberry genetics outdoors, without putting your patience to the test. In more southern regions you have the advantaged that you can grow the AutoBlueberry 2 to 3 times a year. In the luxurious Mediterranean sun, we managed to grown AutoBlueberry plants that carried over 80 grams of the finest grass.

Pure ruderalis genetics have been used as a automatic genetic source. These fine ruderalis genetics have been back-crossed till the f4 generation which has resulted in Autoblueberry becoming 100% autoflowering. 25 days after seed germination this F4 started flowering. Selfing this F4 has resulted in our Autoblueberry seeds.

At first we were a bit reluctant to experiment with┬áour Blueberry genetics. But the professionally of our team once again didn’t let us down. The famous light blue /purple coloring of the Blueberry, shows up in most of the plants grown from AutoBlueberry seeds, The smell and taste of the AutoBlueberry is so fruity that you imagine yourself being in a jar of jam. Most people experience a long lasting high /stoned combination that is above moderate.

Seed to harvest: approximately 10 weeks.


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